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    Chinese archaeologists have unearthed hundreds of ancient musical instruments from the tombs of Yue State noblemen in East China's Jiangsu Province. Among the discoveries are rare clay instruments called Fou. It was popular during China's Spring and Autumn Period, and the Warring States Period.

    All together, about 500 musical instruments made from clay were unearthed from the tombs. Experts consider them outstanding in both quantity and quality.

    This group of instruments has no documentation and scientists named them after their bell-like shape. Six snakes were carved into this one, called Juzuo, pedestals for pillars to hold percussion instruments. Two lizards crawled on the opposite edge of this jar, confirmed as Fou.

    Zhang Min, director of Archeological Institute of Nanjing Museum, said: "It's the first time that we've confirmed the existence Fou, a clay musical instrument.

    It sounds like this... We are sure it's a musical instrument this time. In the past, we thought it's just a jar, or a basin made of clay. It's not just a basin, but a delicate musical instrument, with a beautiful sound."

    Other instruments full of Southern Chinese flavor were also excavated. Experts say they provide precious information about the musical history of the region and the period.