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    Did u know that electricity was used in ancient times? archeologists have found bataries in the middle east dating far back into ancient times. the inscriptions on the pyramid tunnels were not writtin under the light from a torch ( that would have left torch marks on the walls)they used some kind of flashlight, on one wall there is a picture of a cylinder with a snake stretched out and it had rays all around it. The snake means energy, so it must be some kind of light bulb. I'm convinced that the ancients had electricity what i want to know is how it got there. Was it some super genius or aliens or some other theory. What do u guys think?:)
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    I think they used it for electroplating gold onto other metals , and theraputic healing . A working lightbulb was a few thousand years away still . I think the batteries were also a form of leydin jars (early capacitors you can make in your kitchen)
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    they also said that reflecting metal also lit the passageways to some extent...hmmm I know I read this somewhere about how it was done, but how it was created was boggling for that era...have to research and see what I find
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    The Egyptian lamp
    A strange thing, which can be found in an underground cavern below the Hathor-temple in Dendera, Egypt. A few pictures of bulb-like devices, into which two small arms reach before its thick, rounded end. These arms are supported by a column which looks much like a modern high voltage insulator. At the thin end however runs something like a cable into the glass bulb. From this striking out and almost reaching the arms on the other side a snake can be seen, hanging in the air. The whole arrangement has a striking resemblance to an electric lamp.

    Image plus read down below Baghdad battery
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    just a side note:

    Do you think ancient electricans rifled thru your drawers and charged exorbitant fees for not fixing the problem ?

    okay, just kidding....this is actually a very interesting topic