Archaeology Ancient coin found in Jaffa market

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    A rare coin with the words "The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost" in ancient Arabic has been uncovered in an archaeological excavation in a Jaffa market, Israel's Antiquities Authority announced Thursday.

    The Crusader-era half-drachma coin, which was found in 12th century building, includes other classic Christian motifs such as the cross, and an Egyptian blessing.

    End of story.

    Amazing what you can find it you are just looking, but recognize something odd about it. I bet that most of us have probably seen things that we thought were useless, fake, or junk, but when you think about it, you may never know, it might be a priceless artifact. But I am not talking about your local garage sale, but those who live in different parts of the world or travel and shop in other countries.
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    Face of History\'s Forgotten Ruler on Display

    Although not the same coin as previously mentioned but this is one also found of similar interest.