Archaeology An underground Cinema in Paris' old caverns

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    An underground Cinema in Paris\' old caverns,,1299444,00.html

    The story about the new secret additions is interesting, but the caverns the story refers to have quite the history behing them. I lost my links unfortunately, so I shall try to find them tonight and edit them in.
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    Its a very strange report.

    Why didnt they use one of the phone lines to get the number, then get a warrent or whatever to contact the phone company?

    Could it have been not swastikas but the symbol for peace that swastikas orginated from?

    If its so easy to access the tunnels through ducts and whatnot, why dont they start blocking the ducts entrances?

    Are there efforts to track down other groups, now that they know how possible it is to hide out down there?

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    Well its quite obvious to distinguish from a swastika and a peace symbol - the swastika's "arms" go clockwise and peace symbols go counter-clockwise. And to the second remark- This is 115 FRICKIN MILES OF TUNNELS! How the heck are u gonna patrol that much without exhausting your police force?