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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by Icewolf, Dec 16, 2004.

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    You all take drinking as a fact of life, but do any of you know what it actually does to you?

    All alchohol shares one thing in common, "ethanol" this when injested will go to your liver. Your liver can only cope with so much of it at a time, and any which is not changed into harmless chemicals by your liver enters your blood stream. One third of this will go to your brain, since it needs the most blood.

    In your brain think of there being two little people.
    Emotion and Reason. Emotion makes split second decisions which Reason will normally over rule.

    When alchohol enters your brain it upsets the balance between these two and Emotion can easily overpower Reason. This slows down things such as reaction time. When an emergency happens, Emotion panics, but if it over powers Reason it takes longer to react. And so this is why so many accidents happen with Drink Driving.

    Also, when injesting alchohol, your body goes through the four stages of inebriation. The first is when you relax, you feel calm and less self conscious. The second is where you become emotionaly rash and sometimes rude. The third is when your friends wouldn't recognise you, you being angry, and get set off at the simplest thing. The fourth is where your bodies motor functions, slow down and can switch off, leading to unconsciousness and even a comma. I hope this serves as a warning to you.

    Alchohol, know your limits!
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    I wouldn't expect a drinking lesson from a Scottish lad, one who lives in the land of perhaps the finest whiskies on the planet. I usually have a taste of Jamaician rum, or Canadian whiskey before bed.
    Good writeup.
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    So do politics, money, love, and power.
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    Without alcohol, no one would dance on tables, and where would we be then ? huh ?

    OK, maybe you had a point...
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    I was once told.. "You can tell your an alchoholic if you cant drink alone"
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    Firewater!!!!!!! :cheers: Some BAD stuff !!!!!!! I've never been an imbiber, can't even stand the smell of 'booze', but I have seen the effect it has on family and friends and it isn't worth it...I think it matches smoking/caffeine/nicotine.
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    Anything in acces is damaging to health.
    Enjoy moderation and self control.
    Studies have also proven that a regular but moderate intack of alcohol is actualy benifitial.
    The problem always is the user not the substance.
    I have no problems with gettin mello:brkdnc:
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    Very true what kiwi said, its not the substance its the user. I use to drink quite a bit, being 1/2 Irish 1/2 Indian, what a combo, eh? But I learned what it can do to you, yeah its fun at the time, but it gets old and when you start to make stupid mistakes like getting behind the wheel or starting stupid ridiculous fights, its time to wake up and quit. Now I hardly drink and when I do its in very very low moderation, not to mention after I woke up, I realized I had family memebers that suffer from alcoholism and have had a few suffer from strokes cause they couldnt put the bottle down. I am a much better person now because of that.