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    I am not sure if this is a philosophical, geosci, or what so I posted it in philosophy.

    I read the thread on Alpha Debate and chose not to answer yet on that, cause of this thought. We are at a undetermined state about who or what created Man. But as technology has advanced, we are able to tell the age of the earth thru various equipment.

    Being that the Earth is a living, breathing object and ever so much changing, how can We determine the age of this planet, the true age of this planet, if We, Man are the ones that created the equipment to determine age?

    The confusing part is, the bible says God created man, yet evolutionaries say Man evolved. Geologists say rocks are millions of years old, but how can equipment, built buy man, determine the age and time of life in a rock?

    I am not saying Earth didnt exist in our idea of time, 4.6 billion yrs ago. But how do we determine time, when time back then existed differently. I dont have the supporting data or links right now, but I have read this in many places, that time back eons ago was different and changed constantly.

    A typical day would have been in one case 36-48 hrs in comparison to our time. In another case, a day would have been 20-23 hrs. Thru time, man developed a time table and calendar and it was many years after before all of the world would agree to this time table and calendar, mainly due to religious contations thinking it was not permissable.

    Therefore if time was not relatively exact as in now, for this is what we accepted, how can you really tell the age of anything?

    I know this is confusing cause I am jumping a little here, but we must understand what time was back then in order to be exact on the time we tell how long things existed.

    Which leads me to another question, how did the earth come about water, land, air without some type of creation. Yes it says that earth evolved, but when? how? And why is there no other planet similar to this one, existing like this one? Why isnt the moon very similar to our atmosphere? Everything is in theory, not proven, yet this planet is the only life thriving form in our known solar system.

    Please bash away, but I do not believe anyone will be able to come up with a proven FACT on time + age + evolution.

    Just something to think about. And I am sure there are many more questions when thought has been put into it. Me its 230am here and I am typing this now.
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    Geologists use radiometric techniques to determine the age of rocks. Some isotopes decay very slowly, like U238, and by comparing the amount of decay product with the amount of the isotope remaining you can calculate the amount of time there must have been for such an amount to occur. Because decay products can leak out and because it is possible that there was already some decay product in the rock before the decay, scientists use several radiometric techniques at the same time. This is called isochron dating.

    You measure the time in the seconds as defined today, so the length of the day billions of years doesn't matter. We measure the time in modern days.
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    Uranium will actualy decay into an isotope of lead (eventually) , and scientists use the proportion of a certain lead isotope as a marker knowing the half life of U238 .

    All the heavy elements above iron can only be created by a star that goes supernova , so we have ingredients from another star blowing up here on earth .

    I question this method however , couldn't the uranium have arived here after the earth had formed and not been in the original "seed stock" ?

    We can't be older than our sun I believe , and will look into how they gauge the age of that .
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    I understand that certain items are used to measure the time, but we as man created the equipment to make those measurements possible.

    Please for those who didnt read read again there are multiple questions in there that dont have a good enough explanation within.