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Discussion in 'Puzzles & Games' started by pineappleupsidedown, Sep 30, 2004.

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    As many of you can tell by looking at the end of round 3 junior_smith, drlau, and ilovepizza narrowed the event down very quickly. And after one of ilovepizza's posts, all we needed was the exact location.

    What i did was use google to find the sites that they(juniorsmith and ilovepizza) had already found. Then i collected some of the key words from those sites. (Tunguska, Vanavara, 30 km, reindeer) using these words, i searched through google and used the "cached page" option. This highlights the words that you used in your search. This was extremely helpful as some of the sites i came upon had tons of information, and i could just scroll down until i found "reindeer" and "30 km" and "Vanavara" all right next to each other.

    If that doesnt work, look for another key word in that site that might be useful (i.e. Evenks)

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, cause using that saves you precious time in searching.

    Good luck in round four!

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    pineappleupsidedown, I did not really do that much. It took me an hour to find the website. Then I went to class for an hour. Came back made a couple of posts. Then left to go do something and when I came back you had found the answer. I thought my map was enough detail but I was wrong lol Next time I will not use a map instead of the name.