Advice for deciding a career

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    That was quite an inspiring and uplifting link JC, thanks a lot! I still do not know what I want to do and I am almost 25. I have education in many areas, but none have produced that gut feeling. Now I have this video and the Sunscreen song to help guide me in my quest.
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    Well, I have finally decided what I want to be. I studied everything also, but never decided till now. Astrophysics or something in the space-based sciences. I will go back to school slowly and hopefully can spend a few good years later on doing what I like. ;) This was inspiring for me too... ha ha
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    What occupation are you looking into after returning to college JC?

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    YEA!!!!!!! astro sci is the best.......

    i want to be a planetary scientist so im right there with you.

    would being a planetary scientist also involve solar work?
    bwcause ive done alot of youth research on the sun with my ETX 90 and a sun filter ive come to some good conclusions my first expermient was over 3 weeks of sun spots effect on earth. i made my hypothesis tested then came to a conclusion resesearched it in books anss learned i was very close in my resuts i was supprised.

    any way im in that area with you.