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    Abortion\'s effects

    Obviously this is not ATS, therefore this is not a thread about the political and religious controversy surrounding abortion. However, I have heard of accounts of women, after having an abortion, having complications with mental anguish. Are there any long term effects of an abortion on a womans body that we know of?

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    I have read that abortion can increase a woman's risk of breast cancer later in life. Obviously the body naturally switches hormone patterns when pregnant, and the breast tissues start prepping themselves to produce milk, and when the pregnancy is suddenly terminated, it throws things off and you have tissues that were activated that don't really "know what to do with themselves," and apparently greatly increase the risk of mammary tumors later in life.

    I'm not sure what the stats are on that, but I do remember reading and article on it a year or so back.
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    You know - I couldn't find a site that was unbiased and simply presented evidence that wasn't twisted or manipulated in some fashion.

    However, I found this site - Abortion and while they are pro-life their data seemed somewhat supported from a medical standpoint.

    Anyway it does appear that a small % of women do have some physical and mental problems - but the rates appear to be about the same for women who women who miscarry and require D & C. So you be the judge.

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    This is a very subjective question I think.

    Some women do become depressed after an abortion whilst others are elated.

    Not sure of medical complications but as millions of women choose this procedure every year I would assume it is fairly safe without any long term effects.
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    The only side effects of abortion is the mental problems that comes with it, usually the guiltiness of having the procedure done.

    Physical side effects can vary depending as any other medical procedure you can become sterile from having your uterus perforated or the risk of infection can also occurs.

    For cancer because of "hormone" change, then all the womens that are submitted to hysterectomies are at risk too, Right?

    Or menopausal women, Right?

    Is just a myth.