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    There seems to be alot of similar threads floating around. We can't really merge them because they're slightly different. So I come up with a concept to make it easy to go through those similar thread. For this to work successfully, it requires both the MOD and Members to do some searching.

    Before you create a thread use the "search" feature to find out if it already exist. Just search for the "keywords" that are likely to appear in your new thread (one that you are about to create).

    IF your search exist and is similar BUT not exact compared to what you're about to create then copy the link of the thread that the search result gives you and include it in your new thread. Something like:

    "Related Threads: Link1, Link2, Link3...."

    I posted this to setup an example. The art of seeing without sight (Blind people)

    Anyone that found this thread, will find "Is the mind like a mirror" and "Freewill". The problem is... if they found "Freewill" OR "is the mind like a mirror" they won't find "The art of seeing without sight". Unless both of them have related threads that link to it.

    Super-mod have power to edit any threads. So their task is to find all "Related Threads" AND make it Linkable. IF they spot one that is. Which isn't much work really cause the member already did their part (by finding all the similar thread and grouped under their new created thread).

    For my example above, I didn't make it 100% linkable. I want to see the MOD do this. Show us your power super-model!!