Astronomy A Supernova: Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by JcMinJapan, Oct 3, 2004.

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    Well, first.. What is a supernove...
    A supernova is actually the most powerful explosion known in the universe! It happens when a star has exhausted all of its fuel and ends its life. It is so bright that the luminosity can temporarily be as much as an entire galaxy stars, basically 100,000,000 times brighter than our sun!

    This will be able to tell us tons about the creation of our world. Also, this mentions that these were vlose. I wonder what will be thrown in our direction and at what speeds. Of course, they would not arrive for hundreds of years, but things will happen.

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    when is this happening?
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    they dont even know for sure if a super nova will happen there is a good chance though through what we know of thelawas of physics. they cant exactly predict when they will happen but teh can montor the prequil events to one like sensing small tremors before a masive earth quake. they are saying if there is one in this are it will prove a long standing theory correct.

    wouldnt it be cool if we had another crab neb situation. with a near by supernova that is bright enough to be seen in the day.