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    Did this really happen? I always found it a bit hard to believe, with a monk arranged by ATS.
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    Ok, here is what happened......

    I had a vacation planned by myself. The reason... My car was being sold the next week. Ok, this car was my dream car and my baby, so I had to go on this trip. Well, the inspiration as to the location of the ring hit me about 1 hour before I had to leave to meet a friend prior to my trip. Well, with 40 minutes to go and panic setting in, I found the swirls. Well with 20 minutes left and my hands shaking, I found the ring. Ok, I claimed the ring... jumped in the shower, grabbed my bags and ran out the door.

    Now, the rest of the story is true as long as you take out the part of the monks. I did go there and do all those things, then spent the next few days driving around Japan and camping out. Over the days, the story developed in my mind of how to incorporate this into the Rings game.

    Why you may ask... Well, at the time the Rings story had taken a bit of a fall as we had not heard from Cerberus, -5-, or any of the other players. I wanted to bring the Role Playing excitement back into it a bit more. So, I asked HuntAdmin for permission to give a story instead of just the way I found the ring. I also asked if it was ok to encode the story to make it more fun for everyone. I got permission and all is history after that.

    I hope that it added to the fun of the game a bit. :)
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    I loved reading about your "adventure". The roleplaying was impressive on many occasions.
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    Story added here

    Sorry I did not post sooner, but had to rest from the trip (details to follow). I have some very exciting news! The 3rd ring HAS BEEN FOUND and is now secure! It was one heck of a find! I was stumped for a little while, but ENLIGHTENMENT ensued and the path became clear. Among the swirls it was hidden and has been safely found. But, that is just the beginning of the saga that happened after it was found. First, I will let you know the details of the find, then let you know the adventure afterwards to secure the ring. I must give special thanks to HUNT_ADMIN, if it were not for all of his/her head banging clues; I would not have this terrible headache. Also, ZSan, Helen, and Smirkley, your motivation and great ideas helped me especially allot! But, I think without the help of all of us as a team, -5- would have the ring back in his possession! Great Job all, this is a win for the TEAM!

    Well, we needed to logout of ATS, then go to thread 3600; you will notice a banner at the bottom. The ring will be apparent once you click the banner. For fun, I will let you look for which one. If you want, just let me know and I will let you know which one it is in.

    A day after getting a verification that the ring was being special couriered to me, I got an anonymous phone call. I suspect that it was Cerberus, but cannot verify it as he refused to give his name. He was speaking in a hushed voice and said that he had to get off the line very quickly. He said that the courier had been tracked and that the ring was in danger of being retaken. I was told to head out very quickly to SenGen temple at the base of Mt. Fuji. The voice said that this was urgent and NOT a joke. Well, I thought that this had to be a joke, because this being just a game could not certainly be real. Well, I U2U`d HUNT_ADMIN about the joke and to find out when it would arrive as I was really excited. Well, I got the strangest U2U back. All it said was... "The ring IS in danger. I understand if you do not want to take up this path, but to carry out the responsibility of being a Captain of Enlightenment, we need your help. This is most urgent. If you do take up this quest, I implore that you keep this matter very secret and watch out for danger. The messenger has not been heard from and the forces against us may already be on the ground in Japan. Please U2U me with your answer as we will need to get our own forces on the ground if you cannot take this mission." To my surprise that is all it said. No joke, nothing! I thought about it and then thought about everything that has been written from the beginning, well, since I took on the quest from the beginning, I decided it was my honor to carry this quest out.

    Well, on Friday afternoon, I got in my car and headed out to the temple. It took about 2 hours to drive there and it was fairly uneventful. I drove up to the temple, but it was very quiet and no one seemed to be around. I had no idea where to go, what to do, or whom to talk to. I searched the area and saw a monk that was praying. I impatiently waited for about 20 minutes, but he showed no sign of stopping his prayers. From behind me there was suddenly a voice in the corner that said... "If you seek enlightenment, you must seek it in prayer". I turned around, but, there was no one there. I pondered it for a minute and decided that my best chance was to pray next to the monk. Not knowing what to say or really what to do, I headed towards the monk that was praying in monotone sounds. I kneeled down next to him and started to look at the few Buddhist statues for a clue. Then I heard the word "ring" mixed in with his prayer. I started listening very closely to what he said and it took bout 45 minutes of kneeling next to the monk, but the phrase finally ended at:: "...... ring is safe. The evil forces have been held at bay, seek enlightenment from Kusushi." I kept listening, for another 15 minutes, but that was the last of the English. The phrase actually made no sense to me. Who was Kusushi?

    I rushed back to my car and decided that I needed to make a stop at the local information office. I asked if they ever heard of Kusushi. They immediately answered that it was a temple at the top of Mt. Fuji, other than that, there was a restaurant with the same name. Well, I doubt I would seek enlightenment from a bowl of soup, so I decided to get directions to the temple. Well, come to find out, the SenGen Temple is actually the gateway to the top of Mt. Fuji.

    The trek up the mountain took a rough 10 hours through the clouds until I reached the top at 3,776 meters. It was beautiful; I actually arrived in time for the sunrise to be viewed above the clouds. I was so tired, but dragged myself to the temple at the top. There were several young looking monks and one very old one all cleaning the temple by the time I arrived. I decided to talk to the old monk, but try to keep my true intentions a secret and hope that he picked up on it if he even had any idea what I was talking about. I asked the old monk if he knew where I could acquire some "recently discovered enlightenment". He looked at me curiously and pulled a piece of parchment from his robes, looked at it, then he smiled, walked over the incense and burnt the parchment. He then called over one of the young monks and told him to guide me to the Inner Sanctum. I was led to a chamber with only 7 candles and a statue of Buddha. The young monk motioned me inside and then he left re-closing the huge iron doors. The room was very dark and I was not sure what to do next. I looked around and finally noticed that the statue was holding something that was shimmering with the light from the candles. It was the RING! I lifted up the ring carefully and placed it in my pocket. I tried to leave, but the doors were locked tight. I started looking for another exit, but could not find anything. After about 15 minutes the doors were opened and I was ushered out of the temple grounds.

    I made my way back down to the base of the mountain and headed back to home. I have secured the ring in a very secret and safe location and have mentally noted the word. I am sure that the next ring will be a great adventure for us to find. Smirkley and Seth.... Be on full guard now, there could be agents anywhere! Good luck! UNITE BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We will finally take possession of all of the rings! We will PREVAIL!!!!!!!!! The 4th Captain shall now be cast... Good Luck! 360004

    Geez JCM be careful, I hope everyone in the hunt is aware of the risk of becoming a CoE. -5- you are going down clown!

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    You all seemed to have fun on the hunt and I guess thats what the whole point of it was. Pitty I couldn't have been part of it, what do you think will replace it?
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    Well, ATS is now doing Dr. Jim, but it will finish soon.
    At the bottom of ATS pages, there is a ver small link that goes to a suprise location. I am sure something will start up soon at the current game is finished in a few weeks.

    Keep your eyes out for it there. I will leave it to you to find the link. ;)
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    I searched for a link but my comp doesn't show up links very well which is never good. Are u sure it's a small link coz there's a few links which take you to the forums.
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    You need to look harder! BWAHAHA
    Well, you will have to search out the small link at the bottom of the ATS forum pages. It is there, just have to search good. It will say UNOS in very very very small letters. It will take you to http://www.blacklabyrinth.com/.
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    Oh, couldn't the people that make these games pick up a Latin dictionary and grammar book?

    "Unus infinitas", one infinity, should be "Una infinitas", because infinitas is feminine. Unus is the masculine form of the adjective "unus, una, unum".

    "abominatio nasci autumnum" the horror to begin autumn

    I think they wanted to signify a time with autumnum, but the accusativus is only for lengths of time, e.g. "multos annos illic habitabat" = he lived there for many years. A point in time, like "in autumn", requires an ablativus temporis: "autumno" instead of "autumnum". Well, at least they tried to make autumnus fit in the sentence.

    I'm going to let them get away with the NcI-construction, although that officially requires another verb. I've seen Tacitus use a AcI without a verb, so I guess that a NcI without a verb is sometimes allowed as well.

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