Technology A New Model Army Soldier Rolls Closer to Battle

Discussion in 'Technology' started by tablet, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. tablet

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    This is scaring me. Because men create and loves what he created. Soon these robot will be put to test because men always want to see if his creation is working or not. Even from writing computer virus, nuclear. All have to be tested.
    The Pentagon predicts that robots will be a major fighting force in the American military in less than a decade, hunting and killing enemies in combat
    Boy, they really see the future. More war... and we allow it to happen by supporting them. Crazy world.

    The robot soldier has been a dream at the Pentagon for 30 years.
    Wow. They dream of having robot that kill!! This is certainly not my dream and not yours. What will happen if we let these crazy people with crazy dream doing crazy crazy stuff?

    And you thought Hollywood was just for entertainment...
  2. JcMinJapan

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    Wow, if we spent this money for peaceful ends for robots, think of the great advances we could make in society..... too bad military spending is always the first to take advantage......:shk:

    It brings me back to a old ATS Post......
  3. Ikebana

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    Geesh, that ruins my wish list ! Unfortunately it seems that ever since 'man' (no offense guys, it's just a general term meaning all of humankind) has come to the hysterical conclusion that they can actually 'create' something, they have destroying in the process. They just haven't advanced enough in their little evolutionary intetllects to understand that in reality 'man' has created nothing...for everything he has 'created' has actually come about because of something else that has already existed. When 'man' can actually create a living 'cell' not clone by using the cell that already exixts in the universe, then maybe I will change my thinking about a lot of things. For now, they cannot even create a tree without using the seed that they cannot create. Oh well, just another question for the Universal Book Of Questions. My wish list in life is getting shorter, there goes the robots I wanted to become my housecleaning crew and my chauffer! I even had the dreams that they would become the assistant to those who suffer from hearing loss or loss of eyesight, but instead they spend the billions and billions of money (what is money anyway?) to make more wars with new toys. They are all like little children! WHEN WILL we get GROWN UP to run the countries, in fact why do we need anyone to RUN anything instead of simply running our own lives. LIVE AND LET LIVE>>>>>>>EVEN FOR THE ROBOTS>>>>>>>>>LONG LIVE ROBOT PEACE>>>>>>HAIL TO THE PEACEFUL ROBOTS>>>>>>>:hail:
  4. mscbkc070904

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    Well its inevitable. But as far as thinking, we shouldnt go there at all. But at the same time, wars now are more urban than battlefields of the old. Now, they dont wear distinctive uniforms, they wear civilian time that thought process will change for the IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) for the "thinking" robot. But as far as using them in others forms, i.e. bomb disposal, search and destroy missions, detonation setters (remember, US Navy use to use dolphins for that), gathering intel, yes, that will be the ACE in the hole right there...the front line infantry robot will be more of a security/perimeter soldier at first. They have that tech now, but they are advancing it especially now with all the new mini-cams, digital cam age, satellite advances and etc.

    However, in order to get this gear online, the R&D dept has to stay ahead on the tech or by the time they put it online with the military it will be behind in the tech field, causing more $$$ to overhaul and upgrade.
  5. bodebliss

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    They want to augment soldiers so they can be better fighting machines as well.

    What then?
  6. tablet

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    Well, once men know that their creation is working perfectly, their next step is to let his creation take over. Soon it might even dictate everything.