Physical Science A Closer Look: Johannes Kepler

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    Name: Johannes Kepler
    First to correctly explain planetary motion, thereby, becoming founder of celestial mechanics and the first "natural laws" in the modern sense; being universal, verifiable, precise. *Most famous for this*
    First to investigate the formation of pictures with a pin hole camera;
    First to explain the process of vision by refraction within the eye;
    First to formulate eyeglass designing for nearsightedness and farsightedness;
    First to explain the use of both eyes for depth perception.
    First to describe: real, virtual, upright and inverted images and magnification;
    First to explain the principles of how a telescope works;
    First to discover and describe the properties of total internal reflection.
    First to explain that the tides are caused by the Moon
    First to design our calender (the year of Jesus' birth now universally accepted)

    I'm no expert at physics maybe someone else could explain his "Laws of Planetary Motion"