Archaeology 700-year-old tunnels dug out on farm

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    A FARMER has unearthed a network of 700-year-old tunnels beneath his Lothians farm.

    The network, which does not appear on any records, features a large arched tunnel which runs for around a mile beneath Park Farm, near Linlithgow, West Lothian.

    Peter Waddell was shocked when he uncovered the large stone-built cavern believed to be built by medieval monks.

    Excited archaeologists believe the tunnel, just a few miles from the historic Linlithgow Palace, dates back to the early 14th century when a secretive sect of monks farmed the land.

    Some locals even believe the tunnels may have provided escape routes and hiding places for the Carmalite monks when their friary was under threat.

    Buried nearly 10ft beneath the ground, the main tunnel is constructed meticulously from hand-cut sandstone blocks formed into an arch using medieval building techniques.

    Mr Waddell, 41, uncovered it while carrying out building work to convert one of his barns into a canal-side bistro.

    Dr Tony Pollard, an archaeologist at Glasgow University, called for the site to be surveyed and hailed it as an important discovery for Scotland.

    Source: Heritage & Culture, Scotsman News
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    What if wasn't built by monks?
  3. Now that would be one hell of a surprise...that would be like me waking one morning and finding a Mayan temple in my back yard, the peak of it substituted for my dog house, could you imagine the hysteria? I mean, what do you do? Run in the house, "Hey, honey, guess what...No really, guess...We have a series of tunnels under our farm...yea, yea, no crap, I was just plowing and I fell into one...think I broke my leg in three places, but I'm still a cheery SOB...Maybe now I could make a secret passage out of, really, a secret passage with like land mines and trip wires, and I could have a pistol, yes a pistol with revolving nineteen hundreds action, NO CRAP!"

    Ben :yes: (or at least that would be me...)