Earth Science 7.3 Earthquake and Tsunami Bulletin - Sept. 6, 2004

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    I live in Yokohama, last night was a strange night indeed. It did wake me up and the tremors lasted about 3-5 minutes. That is very long! Usually we can feel an earth quake about one a month, but they last only a few seconds. Not usually a big deal. The article below went to talk about memories of Kobe, but Tokyo would be a little different than Kobe in the same type of quake. The reason is that Kyoto is a very very old city. It did not have modern architecture like in Tokyo. As an example... The apartments that we live in are build on huge springs. They will allow the apartment to sway slightly, but they will not topple nearly as easy.

    Wow, first a volcano, then 2 huge earthquakes... looks like Japan is in for a tough month ahead... ha ha
    Can our resident Geophysicist tell us if these two events this close could be a sign of things to come? If so, I may have to go visit him in Colorado for a little while.... ha ha ha ha

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    CNN Report

    There seems to be alot of confusion of the Size of the quakes.

    USGS is reporting 7.0 and 7.1
    CNN is reporting 6.8 and 7.3

    Either way, it is cure enough powerful!

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    That is a bit weird... 3mins... jeese! Well AS long as everyone is ok... it's all good... well u know wat i mean... lol... just my luck too, i am hoping to go to JP... or at least tokyo for a holiday... and the bloody place gets taken out by an earth quake!

    Well i hope everybodys ok.
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    HA HA Just bring a long rope with you, just in case I have fallen in... ha ha
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    September 7th Japan Time

    This morning, another large quake in the ocean measuring 6.3....

    Now, just about a two hours ago, there was another 7.2 Earthquake inland in Koshinyetsu. That is close to Nagano. I have not seen any news, except for what was flashed on the TV here. More news to follow.

    A typhoon is currently going up through Japan, so today has been terrible winds and rain.

    Wow, Japan is being hit by everything this month.

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    Watch out for Godzilla.

    Depth = 33 Km

    These are pretty deep quakes and the epicenters are off the main island in the ocean. Coupled with the volcanic activity I would say you have a magma plume shifting. I would not be too worried, let me check into this some more I just got back.

    Z Out
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    It seems that the list does not include the one on TV last night. I will check more in this area to see if I can find anything. The last 7.2 one was supposedly on the West side of Japan and North of Tokyo. No mention of it yet ..... hmmmmm The ones in the ocean happen all the time, so not worried about them. But, this last one inland is not too far from the volcano that erupted a few days ago.

    Were my eyes deceiving me? hmmm
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    On the USGS earthquake map it lists them as 7.4 on the 5th at 2:57 pm
    a 6.7 on the 6th at 11:29 pm and a 5.4 on the 7th at 6:36pm these are the ones NEAR THE SOUTH COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN. Are these the ones you were talking about -- I saw the size of them and asked DH if he was familiar with that area and he said he was - is that near where you live?

    Hope you are in one of those buildings on the rollers :o reading back I see that you are in one that is on the springs -- guess that is as good huh?

    I don't see anything on the one west of Japan yet on the site but sometimes it takes awhile for them to investigate it will keep looking for it.

    Stay safe
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    Yeah, they are the ones I am talking about. The time difference screws everyone up... ha ha Even me half the time... ha ha

    I am surprised not to see yesterdays on the site. But, I have reported it over there. I guess they will do some more research on it. Yes, my building does have the springs. I am used to the earthquakes and they are actually fun... ha ha Well, as long as they stay AWAY from my area and I only feel the tremors... ha ha
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    You guys have been in for a rough ride. Wonder whats up with all the current seismographic activity lately...
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    Usually, he will have a few a month, so nothing unusual actually having them. After all, we are the most seismic area in the world if I am correct. I have not done any studies, but I have asked many Japanese if this is normal, as I never really paid attention until this forum started. ha ha ha

    Well, the ones I have talked to are very curious about this, as we have had a few typhoons, a volcanic eruption, and 11 Earth Quakes since the 4th of September. They say this is not rare. None seem scared of anything, just a huge curiosity. I wonder what fun Sept till has left to dish out on us... ha ha ha
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    Hopefully nothing too disrupting or destructive. I can see how it would be interesting to live there. Take care and be safe JC.
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    I bought a brand new pair of water wings, just in case we slide into the ocean...... I bought a very very long rope incase I slide into one. But, people keep getting upset as I walk aroung the area as I have the rope tied to the balcony.... ha ha ha
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    YEAH... one more.....

    04/09/09 14:37:00 4.5M HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION

    Not so big this time... but this time in northern japan.
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    2 more quakes yesterday! Keep em rollin boys! So, now they are happening un the northern part of Japan frequently also... hmmmm
    Mr. Geology (Zsan) sound like anything?

    04/09/10 02:05:58 5.6M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU

    04/09/10 04:22:09 4.9M HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
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    A list of all Earthquakes from the 4th......

    04/09/04 03:09:23 4.8M NEAR EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA

    04/09/04 15:21:29 4.3M KYUSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/04 18:25:32 4.8M HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION

    04/09/05 10:07:07 7.2M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU

    04/09/05 10:17:33 5.1M SOUTHEAST OF SHIKOKU, JAPAN

    04/09/05 12:36:17 4.4M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU

    04/09/05 14:57:18 7.4M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/05 15:26:58 4.8M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/05 15:53:19 4.7M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/05 17:34:10 4.7M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU

    04/09/05 18:13:45 4.9M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/05 20:30:59 5.7M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU

    04/09/05 22:48:42 4.6M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/06 06:54:34 4.5M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU

    04/09/06 09:11:57 4.9M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU

    04/09/06 23:29:35 6.7M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/07 06:10:02 5.2M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/07 09:15:33 4.6M NEAR ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS

    04/09/07 18:36:20 5.6M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/08 14:40:08 5.4M IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION

    04/09/08 14:58:24 6.2M NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    04/09/09 14:37:00 4.5M HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION

    04/09/10 02:05:58 5.6M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU

    04/09/10 04:22:09 4.9M HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION