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Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Mizar, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Mizar

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    What would happen if 2 tidal waves hit each other

    like one goign this way > and the other goign this way <


    haha im seirous i was thinking about it while i was in the tub.....

    i am seeking knowldge:up:
  2. Zsandmann

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    If they were of equal size they would cancel out, if one was larger it would pass through the other, losing the magnitude of the wave it hit. Its vector addition. If they hit at an angle it gets more complicated.
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  4. helenheaven

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    and chances are they would hit at some type of angle....

    has this ever happened ?
  5. Mark

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    I think that this occurs quite often,.. and in multiples of more than just 2, but only within the confines of the ocean itself.

    Something to consider is that typically a tidal wave as we envision, is the result of a wave mass approaching the shoreline via the ridge slope of a continent.

    Life of a tsunami

    The Restless Sea

    Hence the name, "Tidal" waves.
  6. Zsandmann

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    Great post Smirks!

    Yes Helen, almost always at some oblique angle that neutralizes a large portion of the wave amplitude.