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Discussion in 'Zoology' started by Mizar, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Mizar

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    OK. this month we are highlighting the ZOOLOGY forum and I have an Idea that can make this fun for our members and get me off my skinny but and use my microscope.

    OK this is where you guys get to have some fun. Between my highpowered microscope and my high resolution digital camera and the thousands of unused slides in my schools science department this can become intresting. here is how it will work...

    YOU give me a small creature like.. a house spider, an ant, a dragon fly, a bee, a grass hopper, a misquito etc.....
    I will find one and miscropcally examine it and give you pictures in good detail. The catch is that YOU have to write a small paragraph about the animal that I am to photograph!

    Here Ill start it off by showing you how it will works...
    ( hmm need to clean the lenses....)

    This is a Common House Fly leg..


    Ok lets see if I get lazy and stop...:lol:
  2. Hazlenuttt

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    Okay..how about a roly poly aka The Pill Bug.

    The Pill Bug is of the Phylum Arthropoda, Class Malacostraca and Order Isopod. The Pill Bug contains a three part body with an inconspicuous pair of antennae on the head. They have simple eyes, seven pairs of legs and seven seperate linear segments on the thorax. They gain their oxygen with gills.
    Isopods are ominovores eating dead or decaying animal and plant. They also eat live plants. Their habitat will be an area that is high in humidity such as under rocks or logs, leaf litter, or crevices. The Pill Bug has been nicknamed the "Roly Poly" due to its tendency to roll up into a ball when disturbed.
    In the realms of reproduction, a roly poly will have up to 100 eggs which are held in a broad pouch on the female. Juveniles look like adults and are soon liberated from pouch. "Molting is in two stages. First the back half molts, then two to three days later, the front half molts. Coloration of both halves may be different at this time. Many species are fast walkers, but can be easily observed when held in the palm of the hand."
    Full Credit goes to http://insected.arizona.edu/isoinfo.htm of which I summarized and also directly copied information.
  3. tablet

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    Oh man. This is not good, not good. :shk:

    How do you kill these fly???
  4. Hazlenuttt

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    Huh..are you angry because he/she killed the fly for science or are you like I don't know.. confusing me?
  5. Mizar

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    I think he is talking about how quickly the reproduce and how they can eaisly and wuickly become a menace. In colder reigons the flys are not indeginous.
  6. oddtodd

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    Fly eye !!!! I will write up a description !
  7. helenheaven

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    ugh, flies.

    can't we have something cute?
  8. oddtodd

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    nothing microscopic is cute , sorry....
  9. tablet

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    Bugs, insect and creature like this really makes my hair stand up. I though I'm living in a vacuum environment. Any info on this creature? Can't wait to see more people join ID later on. We will have all kind of research to do. Big research, small project like studying these creature. But right now we have few active members. Maybe todd can do the AHDH project? ;) Find out to see if bodebliss has any disorder. (j/k)
  10. pineappleupsidedown

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    oddtodd, what about ladybugs?

  11. Mizar

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    OK you asked for it Lady Bugs... I just so happened to have a lady bug group of samples at hand. GWAHAHAHAHA so here are the best pics I could get. LAdy bug aint that perty..
    Wings of lady bug...


    Lady bug spot... (sorry with samples that have demension and are not perfectly flat it is hard to focus.) The darker pigmentation is the spot, Yes this was a YELLOW lady bug. NO I didn't kill it it was dead in my car...


    and Leg of ladu bug ( same thing with demensions)

  12. oddtodd

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    as you can see , not cute !!
  13. tablet

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    Mizar, how did you capture those into computer? The quality is awsome! Did it to straigh into computer in some form or you have to scan those in with a scanner?? (Those creature are freaking me out)
  14. Mizar

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    Im just holding a digital camera up to the eyepice. Same way I do with my telescope when I'm taking pictures. except a microscope can generate alot of lightso you don't need to hold the shutter open for like 3 min. only 30000th of a second. Then I just connect the camera to the computer and upload the picture. Its not that hard.
  15. I would like to see a flea mouth.There are over 1,000 types of fleas in the world. The most common flea you will encounter attacking people and a pet is the cat flea. This flea feeds on cats, dogs, and humans, as well as rodents, chickens, opossums, raccoons, and other animals. The dog flea (C. canis) and the human flea (Pulex irritans) are less commonly encountered. Adult fleas are about 1/16 to 1/8-inch long, dark reddish-brown, wingless, hard-bodied , have three pairs of legs
    and are flattened vertically or side to side allowing easy movement between the hair, fur or feathers of the host.
    Ok I did my part with the help of Websters dictonary and Wikipedia.
    I would also say that your pictures are absolutely magnificant.
  16. helenheaven

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    let this super mod bow out of microscopic stuff, I'll stick to scientific forums that let me eat my dinner !
  17. Hazlenuttt

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    You have an excellent digital camera
  18. Icewolf

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    ok, oddtodd, if we are allowed any bug then how about a praying mantis,

    Please don't go and kill one they are brilliant creatures
  19. Mizar

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    I can't find one to begin with!

    Tommorw I'm geting the compound eye sample.

    I'm sorry Hazelnut I can't find a Pill Bug. I went looking in the woods near my house where I generally see them and I couldn't find one. I think they are summer/ spring creatures. And its winter right now. But if I find one I'll be sure to remember to get it.
  20. Hazlenuttt

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    Man..Icewolf has to chose something so bizarre...that would be interesting though..to see that insect up close...hmm..maybe you can find a dead one somewhere like go to the entomology department of your college or something!!!