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    Wisdom is the Destination Away from Ignorance,
    Far down the path of Knowledge and Experience.

    · Welcome to Ignorance Denied, a unique social experience without all the clutter. We are a safe and advertisement-free moderated network designed with the modern user in mind. Our members enjoy a secure environment free of all the noise commonly associated with social communities today. When you become a member of ID, you join a group of friends and become part of a family that will always welcome your return.

    · ID began in 2004 with a small group of members and four administrators, hosted on loaned server space and operating on free software as the grand prize of a contest. Since then we have evolved into a fully independant group with many varied interests and hosted on a premium server backed by a secure connection for all our guests. We are now powered by the most advanced forum software available and fully customised to provide a dynamic and feature-rich experience.

    · The goal of Ignorance Denied is to always change with the demands of the social world population. We will always continue to improve and enhance the website to match our visitors expectations and needs.

    · We utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol on all our web pages. SSL protocol ensures an encrypted connection to and from our server, providing a secure experience for our guests. Our website is also designed to be fully responsive; supporting mobile and static device viewport compatibility.

    · You can visit Our Support Forums for any questions or assistance with any part of the website.

    · Please use Our Contact Form to send a message directly to the website owner/administrator.
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